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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-13Merge branch 'linus' of git:// Torvalds
2020-10-12Merge tag 'efi-core-2020-10-12' of git:// Torvalds
2020-10-05fs/kernel_file_read: Add "offset" arg for partial readsKees Cook
2020-10-05IMA: Add support for file reads without contentsScott Branden
2020-10-05LSM: Add "contents" flag to kernel_read_file hookKees Cook
2020-10-05firmware_loader: Use security_post_load_data()Kees Cook
2020-10-05LSM: Introduce kernel_post_load_data() hookKees Cook
2020-10-05fs/kernel_read_file: Add file_size output argumentKees Cook
2020-10-05fs/kernel_read_file: Switch buffer size arg to size_tKees Cook
2020-10-05fs/kernel_read_file: Remove redundant size argumentKees Cook
2020-10-05fs/kernel_read_file: Split into separate include fileScott Branden
2020-10-05fs/kernel_read_file: Remove FIRMWARE_PREALLOC_BUFFER enumKees Cook
2020-09-25integrity: Asymmetric digsig supports SM2-with-SM3 algorithmTianjia Zhang
2020-09-16ima: Fix NULL pointer dereference in ima_file_hashKP Singh
2020-09-16integrity: Load certs from the EFI MOK config tableLenny Szubowicz
2020-09-16integrity: Move import of MokListRT certs to a separate routineLenny Szubowicz
2020-09-15evm: Check size of security.evm before using itRoberto Sassu
2020-09-15ima: Remove semicolon at the end of ima_get_binary_runtime_size()Roberto Sassu
2020-09-15ima: Don't ignore errors from crypto_shash_update()Roberto Sassu
2020-09-15ima: Use kmemdup rather than kmalloc+memcpyAlex Dewar
2020-09-09integrity: include keyring name for unknown key requestBruno Meneguele
2020-09-09ima: limit secure boot feedback scope for appraiseBruno Meneguele
2020-09-08integrity: invalid kernel parameters feedbackBruno Meneguele
2020-09-08ima: add check for enforced appraise optionBruno Meneguele
2020-08-31integrity: Use current_uid() in integrity_audit_message()Denis Efremov
2020-08-31ima: Fail rule parsing when asymmetric key measurement isn't supportableTyler Hicks
2020-08-31ima: Pre-parse the list of keyrings in a KEY_CHECK ruleTyler Hicks
2020-08-23treewide: Use fallthrough pseudo-keywordGustavo A. R. Silva
2020-08-11Merge tag 'for-v5.9' of git:// Torvalds
2020-08-06Replace HTTP links with HTTPS ones: securityAlexander A. Klimov
2020-08-06Merge tag 'integrity-v5.9' of git:// Torvalds
2020-07-27integrity: remove redundant initialization of variable retColin Ian King
2020-07-20ima: move APPRAISE_BOOTPARAM dependency on ARCH_POLICY to runtimeBruno Meneguele
2020-07-20ima: AppArmor satisfies the audit rule requirementsTyler Hicks
2020-07-20ima: Rename internal filter rule functionsTyler Hicks
2020-07-20ima: Support additional conditionals in the KEXEC_CMDLINE hook functionTyler Hicks
2020-07-20ima: Use the common function to detect LSM conditionals in a ruleTyler Hicks
2020-07-20ima: Move comprehensive rule validation checks out of the token parserTyler Hicks
2020-07-20ima: Use correct type for the args_p member of ima_rule_entry.lsm elementsTyler Hicks
2020-07-20ima: Shallow copy the args_p member of ima_rule_entry.lsm elementsTyler Hicks
2020-07-20ima: Fail rule parsing when appraise_flag=blacklist is unsupportableTyler Hicks
2020-07-16ima: Fail rule parsing when the KEY_CHECK hook is combined with an invalid condTyler Hicks
2020-07-16ima: Fail rule parsing when the KEXEC_CMDLINE hook is combined with an invali...Tyler Hicks
2020-07-16ima: Fail rule parsing when buffer hook functions have an invalid actionTyler Hicks
2020-07-16ima: Free the entire rule if it fails to parseTyler Hicks
2020-07-16ima: Free the entire rule when deleting a list of rulesTyler Hicks
2020-07-16ima: Have the LSM free its audit ruleTyler Hicks
2020-07-16IMA: Add audit log for failure conditionsLakshmi Ramasubramanian
2020-07-16integrity: Add errno field in audit messageLakshmi Ramasubramanian
2020-07-08integrity/ima: switch to using __kernel_readChristoph Hellwig