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tag date2019-07-02 10:01:22 +0100
tagged byRussell King <>
tagged objectcommit 837567c1e9...
Armada DRM updates:
- Fix interlace support. - use __drm_atomic_helper_plane_reset in overlay reset. - since the overlay and video planes use essentially the same format registers, precompute their values while validating. - fix a long-standing deficiency with overlay planes and interlace modes - calculate plane starting address at atomic_check stage rather than when we're programming the registers. - add gamma support. - ensure mode adjustments made by other components are properly handled in the driver and applied to the CRTC-programmed mode. - add and use register definitions for the "REG4F" register. - use drm_atomic_helper_shutdown() when tearing down to ensure that the hardware is properly shutdown. - add CRTC-level mode validation to ensure that we don't allow a mode that the CRTC-level hardware can not support. - improve the clocking selection for Armada 510 support. - move CRTC debugfs files into the crtc-specific directory, using the DRM helper to create these files. - patch from Lubomir Rintel to replace a simple framebuffer. - use the OF graph walker rather than open-coding this. - eliminate a useless check for the availability of the remote's parent which isn't required. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIVAwUAXRsdkfTnkBvkraxkAQKl/w//ai5bPyto6CwwkhNfmfFV53Y7fuii8Pbv aSuzziNGRjMJd7bQLb618QM7wcof7FzlEfPlHveZhQr0Pg8/FFza9C8Hk+Lwin1h bJzUWbyShsAVK6ZxHTxHVA94Ww4GNR9UayPQYn+R31BzDHv4maTJYwrz6TvhIPiW yKLhQDsq9X8/MjRyiK7pbYqzVPAP+VEt6Kw7CI/Xyvq3iNZWPqgvSRLwsEze04Jk CGqJE3+1NmgdOhOhEuCLWwSpk0U798AP5/39wpyGqHA1bmfWVK+kaVSakeUXYqe0 MmGCC/N79ibVCS74l09Bc7u6iGJiuoIg5K+Jis8LvxxWnKKfKiC0MXSmpRynwX6Y 9PIHwqXK2f7cSzTjxHdSgA8W/HKFs9Sn0nIm2trjVoqbVIaTOddK1Ej3dcL2eqD6 3EtdDhhsXFNMFkR6FdXKyhxSccVyt/4u9xeE7kTB0oo+n7bfE9YDNXGWpMn+9Tvp oSoSYG4flRusar/6KfItSItNE5Pg4T6syFnY1P0dxYyUTr3KP9MPLMXcBKFIsk1Z B+5jzvkpw5VkegYJKp7qYKs5CLjYINk7T0x4JLysE/2lb4LfBnMyDfEiFjILCCVU zaXo4TwiaThExblbKWoxuN7fnGr4Soxfv9tJng3iY7DVoPe817N6b9A7BRn7NjWJ 7CvgY9uIXoA= =+Fy+ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----