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event-httpd: add event httpd support
Add event httpd, which is a small and basic http server designed to provide server sent events to clients. The server accepts updates through a simple "UPDATE" method which are then broadcast to clients listening using the "GET" method. Signed-off-by: Russell King <>
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+This is a very basic HTTP server, designed for real-time server sent
+event streams. BEWARE: the server offers little to no security
+The server supports:
+- the standard HTTP "GET" method for retrieval of events.
+- a custom "UPDATE" method to send events.
+- HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 connections. HTTP 1.1 uses chunked mode.
+The server is hard-coded to listen on TCP *:1180.
+The design concept is:
+public ------ apache reverse ----- event ------ data gathering
+internet proxy httpd server application
+The reverse proxy is responsible for controlling public access to the
+event streams served by the mini-httpd event server; the event server
+itself should not be publically accessible.